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Queen/King Weighted Blanket

Queen/King Weighted Blanket

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Calming Blankets are designed to create soothing pressure too simulate a similar feeling of being hugged and cuddled. Many scientific studies has shown this touch can provide sleep benefits as well as reduce symptoms of stress.

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Replace your existing quilt today with our largest Calming Blanket.

Our New Queen Weighted Blanket measures 215cm by 198cm (85” x 78”), weighs 9kg or 12kg and uses a 16 inner tie system to keep an even soothing pressure right on top of your entire body.​

Users Weight Queen/King Weighted Blanket
45kg to 90kg 9kg Queen/King Blanket
90kg + 12kg Queen/King Blanket
As the weight is spread over such a large surface area, your queen/king weighted blanket should be heavier than our standard adult size. Please note that the advertised weight of our blankets refers to the inner blanket only. The outer velvety plush cover adds 2.6kg to the total weight of our Adult Weighted Blanket. The above table has considered this.


Safety: Weighted blankets are not suitable for children under 3 years old. Consider consulting your GP if using alongside serious medical conditions. Ensure user can safely lift blanket. Please do not use the blanket near the open flames. If it rips or starts leaking, dispose of it immediately. Do not ingest the beads.