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Beauty Sleep Bundle

Beauty Sleep Bundle

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Aesthetically pleasing and super comfortable, our hand woven blanket will have you napping like a pro. Combined with our simple and stylish pink silk eye mask this package is a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. 

This huge hand woven weighted blanket uses a stunning cotton and polyester blend to apply an evenly distributed pressure across your entire body. Weight and length suitable for all adults above 40kg!

No ties. No shifting weights. No beads.

Although it weighs 9kgs, it is able to be used by any individual that weighs over 40kgs. This is because of its specialised design which stretches over the surface area of your body.

Top tip: this blanket can be used in all climates as it doesn’t trap heat. It can also be used comfortably as a secondary blanket, over your current doona, in order to provide both weight and warmth. 

Although this blanket appears knitted, it is actually woven by hand in knit stitch.

This blanket is 122 x 183cm in resting position however thanks to its malleable materials and structure it can stretch to a far larger size to fully encompass any sized user. It can be either hand or machine washed. If using a washing machine, just ensure you wash it separately in cool or warm water (maximum 30°C) on a delicate cycle. To dry, lay the blanket flat - do not hang the woven blanket as this may cause the weaves to stretch out.

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Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Please ensure the user can safely lift the blanket. Our kids blankets are designed for small children only.