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How To Get Your Sleep Cycle Back: 4 Easy Tips

Having a messed up sleep cycle is almost as bad as ACTUALLY losing sleep.

Because you end up overthinking everything!
In turn, you make things worse.
You lay in bed with stress building up, your mind going 100kph, and even the slightest bit of discomfort makes you stay up 10 minutes longer, then 20 minutes longer, then 60 minutes longer!
...but it’s okay, my friend. 
Today, we’re sharing 4 quick things you can do to FINALLY get your sleep cycle back on track so you can rest deeper than you have in years. 
Check them out here:
#1 Test Out A New Nighttime Routine
Routine. Routine. Routine. If your cycle is off, then there’s a good chance that your bedtime routine has changed a bit. But, no worries! Try something new and stick to it…(or go back to your old one) and you’ll be falling asleep at the same time every night!
#2 No Caffeine After 2 PM
Did you know caffeine actually stays in your system for 8 hours or more? If you’re an afternoon or post-dinner coffee drinker you’ll notice your sleep-quality isn’t the best. That caffeine actually keeps you up and robs you of a good night’s sleep! Do yourself a favour and ditch the late caffeine party. 
#3 Lower The Lights Gradually At Night
Light is one of the most powerful tools for better sleep. Unfortunately, if you keep your brightest lights on at night, you’re actually ruining your sleep cycle. If you can, try dimming your lights as the night gets later. By doing so, you’re signalling your mind and eyes to relax and get ready for bed. 
#4 No Electronics Before Sleep (...for, at least, 1 hour!)
This may be the hardest one out of the bunch, but perhaps the most important! Electronics actually emit blue light that tricks your mind into thinking it’s still daytime - and thus, makes going to sleep more difficult. Prepare your mind to sleep by reading a book or meditating instead.