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Better Sleep = Better YOU

4 Immediate Benefits Of Sleep

A good night’s sleep is crucial to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s a true ‘magic pill’ that uplifts every part of your life. That’s why the benefits of good sleep should never be underestimated. It’s essential. To prove it, here are four reasons you should do all you can to get your best sleep on a regular basis. 

#1 Sleep Reduces Stress
If your body isn’t well-rested, then it can elevate cortisol in your body, which is the dreaded ‘stress hormone’ that makes you lose peace and fills you up with anxiousness. Deep and consistently good sleep helps you with this. 

#2 Sleep Can Improve Your Memory & Focus
Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to remember things or stay on a task when you’re tired? That’s your brain telling you that you’re exhausted. When you sleep, your brain is working on organising and storing memories. Plus, you work efficiently to keep your mind at ease so you focus 10x better. 

#3 Sleep Can Lower Your Blood Pressure
A lack of sleep has been shown to contribute to heart attacks and strokes. But good, quality sleep encourages relaxation that reduces blood pressure and keeps it under control. 

#4 Sleep Can Improve Your Skills
If you're working on improving a skill, sleep actually helps you get better at it. While sleeping, your brain is actually processing itself to help you remember that skill. Your muscles get used to the movement, and your brain becomes stronger to perform faster and more efficiently.

As you can see, sleep is essential if you want to improve any part of your life. 

And we understand that falling asleep and staying comfortable may be one of the most difficult parts of getting quality sleep…

Perhaps, you’re dealing with a lot of tossing and turning that frustrates you, eventually making you stay up longer than you want...

But that’s why our weighted blankets are so amazing.

They help you quickly get that ‘sweet spot of comfort’ that relaxes your mind and body so you fall asleep faster and deeper. 

Want to join the countless people up-leveling their lives with better sleep with our blankets?