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What is the difference between a mattress protector and mattress topper?


A good night’s sleep is so important and plays an instrumental role with regards to both one’s physical and mental health. Adequate rest is so vital for productivity, as well as creativity and thus should not be overlooked.

The average lifespan of a mattress is around 8 years, of course depending on both the quality and type. The longevity depends on a number of factors, and typically cheaper materials will last a shorter amount of time.

For many, mattresses stand as a great expense. You can expect a double bed mattress to double in the hundreds, and higher-end designs to even retail in the thousands. So even replacing it every 8 years will be too costly for many.

This is where the mattress topper steps in. Unfamiliar to many, it not to be forgotten, especially if you are wanting a good and comfortable night’s sleep. To answer your question simply, ‘Do I need a mattress topper?’ – the answer is yes, yes, yes!

Mattress protectors essentially serve the purpose of protecting your mattress from general wear and tear, stains and so on. Some may provide a slight addition of softness or comfort but this is typically not a given.

Mattress toppers on the contrary are specifically designed for comfort purposes, fundamentally enhancing the comfort of your actual mattress. They are more costly than protectors for this very reason.


Different types of mattress toppers

Mattress toppers vary in what they specifically offer – and this usually comes down to their base material. Cotton is chosen for ‘breathability’, it is light and hypoallergenic. Wool, a thicker material, provides greater warmth in absorbing latent body heat. Memory foam is especially popular, as it is much more affordable than a memory foam mattress itself. Aligning with body contours, it is particularly comfortable.

You should certainly research before making the small investment in a chosen mattress topper. The different materials offered not only accommodate different budgets, but also varying comfort needs.



4 reasons why a mattress topper improves your sleep:


1 – Extra comfort

As outlined above, a mattress topper works to make your original mattress more comfortable. And it is practically a given that greater comfort = a better night’ sleep.


2 – Keeps you warm

Mattress toppers, particularly those made from wool, can help to keep you warm during the colder months in winter. No more shivering to stop you from sleeping!


3 – Can also keep you cool

Not to be forgotten, mattress toppers are also helpful for better sleep patterns in the hotter, summer climate too! Options made from cotton are light and airy, and can help to cool you down.


4 – Adjusts to your sleeping position

Certain mattress toppers in particular can instantly adapt to your sleeping position. Whether you are a stomach sleeper or side sleeper, or need a base that accommodates for back pains, a comprehensive topper selection will have you covered. Toppers can help to evenly distribute your body weight, with the perfect balance standing between softness and firmness.

To conclude, it is certainly worth looking into getting a mattress topper. But, it must be remembered that in order to reap the greatest benefits from this purchase, thorough research about your sleeping position, wants and needs must be done prior so that the topper can enhance your sleep.

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