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Tips for Setting up Bedrooms for Seniors


Many seniors want to live independently for as long as they can. However, something as minor as a preventable fall can stop this from happening, forcing some into assisted living facilities. 

Having a fall at an older age can be a serious issue, and could potentially cause significant damage. Falls as a senior can sometimes lead to hospitalisation, a decline in mobility, and thereby limitations to their independence. What’s more, a lot of these falls can be easily preventable if setting up living spaces with seniors in mind. 

Falls can often be the result of hazards in common living areas. The bedroom, for example, is one area that can be filled with inconspicuous hazards that may seem harmless at first until a fall occurs. 

Below is a list with some great ways to optimise a bedroom for both senior’s safety and sleep quality, helping them to live safer, more independent lives:


Making Sure Nightstands Are Sturdy

Nightstands can often be leant on for support when getting into or out of bed. Making sure that nightstands are strong enough to support the body weight of a person can help to reduce hazards in the bedroom, reducing the risk that the stand will break while being leant on, furthermore preventing any related falls. 


Decluttering the Bedroom 

While a seemingly obvious one, it can be easy to let bedrooms get messy and build up clutter, of which could be the cause of a nasty fall. 

Making sure bedrooms are neat and tidy, and keeping the amount of objects that could cause a fall to the minimum, can make for a more sustainable senior living environment. 

Additionally, a clean room has actually been claimed to help people sleep better. Cluttered rooms can lead to cluttered thoughts, and being surrounded by mess in a space designed for relaxation and sleep can make for an uncomfortable environment. 

Keeping the bedroom neat, tidy, and as hazard-free as possible can therefore not only lead to a safer living environment for seniors, but also one that’s more relaxing and enjoyable to be in.


Avoiding Long/Oversized Bed Linen

It can also be good to avoid any long or oversized bedspreads and bed linens that touch the floor. This can help to prevent feet from getting tangled in the sheets, which can result in a fall.

Investing in the right bed products for seniors can not only reduce the risk of a fall, but can also optimise their sleeping environment and prevent the risk of any aches and pains caused during sleep. 

Choosing pillows and a mattress that are comfortable and properly support the body when used can help improve a night’s rest. 


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