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The Perfect Gift Giving Guide This Mother's Day

We can't live without our mums... So it's time to spoil them like they deserves this Mother's Day!

She's your lifetime best friend, seen you through it all and always has your best interests at heart. 
While we appreciate everything they do, it's sometimes easy to forget to show it...

So we've made the only gift giving guide you'll need this Mother's Day to show her she's truely your superhero! 
Now, you might be thinking... what is a weighted blanket? Or why should I give one to my mum?

Well, over the past few years, weighted blankets have risen in popularity due to going beyond the qualities of a regular blanket. 

Firstly, they alleviate stress and anxiety...
Covering yourself with a weighted blanket feels like a warm hug. Research has shown that this releases an oxytocin hormone in your body, which creates a feeling of relaxation and eases anxiety. This not only provides the perfect way to destress after a long day, but is great to help those with sensory processing disorders.

Secondly, they improve sleep...
If falling asleep is a challenge for your mum, a weighted blanket is a great solution.
The deep touch pressure will calm her down, help her fall asleep faster and stay in a deeper sleep all night long. In the morning, she will feel more refreshed and ready to rule the day!

Finally, they provide therapeutic benefits...
The deep pressure system of a weighted blanket relaxes the nervous system, helping to relieve back or leg pain. This is why a weighted blanket is especially beneficial for those with insomnia, autism, restless leg syndrome, depression, and many other conditions.

Check out our perfect gifts we’ve picked for mum this Mother’s Day:

  1. The Queen/King Sleep Bundle
    Gift mum a Queen Size Weighted Blanket to apply soothing pressure while snoozing, a silk eye mask to keep the light out, and our special aromatherapy spray to calm her mind. The cover is made from durable and ultra soft velvety plush fabric, perfect for cozying up! Not to mention it’s a cruelty-free product and filled with eco-friendly glass beads - you can’t go wrong!
  1. Sleep Bundle
    If your mum sleeps hot and cold, this bundle is the best of both worlds. Our best selling weighted blanket will help her fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, while the pillow mist, scented with aromatherapy oils, will help here drift off. The matching cover is made from high-quality cotton that reduces sweating and doesn’t trap the heat. Designed for the summer so she can use her weighted blanket all-year-round!

  2. Hand Woven Weighted Blanket
    A stunning hand woven weighted blanket designed to improve sleep during those warmer months. Although it weighs 9kgs, the specialist design stretches over the surface of your body, meaning it’s a great fit for anyone over 40kgs.

  3. Beauty Sleep Bundle
    The ultimate beauty sleep bundle for mum! We have combined our huge hand woven weighted blanket and stylish pink silk eye mask to give her the ultimate beauty sleep. It’s hand woven, aesthetically pleasing and super comfortable - the perfect gift for a loved one.

Now's the time to spoil mum with our massive Mother's Day sale. Save up to 50% using the code "MOTHERSDAY" - For a limited time only!


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