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Clever Ways to Keep Your House Cosy This Winter


As we enter a chillier period of the year, many have begun to think of the festivities that lay ahead, wanting to cosy-up their home and get in the (near!)-holiday spirit. 

While for some, holiday decorations may be a tad premature right now, there’s a range other ways to create a warm, snug feel to your home – of which can be enjoyed not just throughout the holidays but across the whole of this colder season. 

Unlike setting up a Christmas lights extravaganza, or squeezing a 7-foot Christmas tree in through your hallway, many of these changes also won’t have to be an event in themselves, and can be added here and there quickly, simply, and a lot of the times without having to break the bank.

Below is a list with some subtle changes for those looking to add a cosy feel to their homes:


Warm Lights

Warm lights, as their name suggests, can be used to create a warm and festive glow to your home, keeping you cosy as the nights get longer.  

These types of lights can drastically change the feel of a room, making it a more relaxing and snug place to be. There’s a variety of different types of warm lights to explore, from bigger desk and standing floor lamps to battery-powered fairy lights. 

Bigger lamps can be a fantastic, more permanent addition to your furniture collection, helping to not only add a warmth to your home, but also some style. 

A great thing about fairy lights is that they can be used in various different places. You can get creative and wrap a string of them around the mantelpiece, on coffee tables or in mason jars alongside some candles and decorative ornaments. 


Scented Candles

Scented candles are another fantastic way to get your home in the cosy spirit of winter. Winter/seasonal scented candles have become almost a must for this time of year, helping homes to smell as cosy and inviting as they look. 

There are a range of different winter-themed scented candles out there to explore, with scents ranging from spicy cinnamon, zesty orange, fir tree and more, all at varying sizes and prices.  


Throws and Pillows

Adding a few extra throws and pillows around the house can also help to step up its cosy factor. It’s good to explore a few different options, paying attention to the colour schemes in certain rooms of your home and the styles you prefer.

As well as finding throws and pillows you like the look of, it’s also important to consider what items are made out of, their texture, and whether they’ve been specially designed for a specific purpose. 

A weighted blanket may be a good item to consider to help you feel snug in your home. They can work both as a covering on your bed as well as a throw to use while relaxing in the lounge. 

While the quality of a weighted blanket will vary between providers, those from companies such as Calming Blankets are specially designed to provide users with something called proprioceptive input. This helps our bodies to relax and feel calmer when using the blanket, and can therefore be a great item to consider for anyone looking to give their home a more comfy, cosy feel. 



While thinner, cooler sheets may be preferable for summer, as winter comes and the temperature starts to drop, you may find your summer bedding doesn’t quite keep you warm enough during this time of year. 

Throughout this season, it might be good to consider switching your summer bedding for sheets that will hold some warmth in them. On top of this, it might also be good to consider some extra blankets and pillows to help keep you extra snug during the cold winter nights. 

Many might also use an electric blanket throughout colder periods of the year to help keep them cosy and warm. While electric blankets can be a great addition to your bedroom, it’s important to always check the guidelines of these products before using them, helping you understand how to use the blanket safely. 

There are a range of different changes you can make to keep your home cosy this winter, picking and choosing ones that accommodate to your own unique style and preferences, and helping to add a wintry glow to the character of your home. 

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